Update Your Home for Spring

This spring, let your home indoors invite you with the same charm as the sunny, breezy, and blossomy outdoors. Make the bedroom of your house your favorite corner of this happy season – create the ideal relaxing nook with these simple yet functional décor ideas:

Pull the trigger on old

Give your bedroom a spring refresh with a new nightstand – a spring-perfect bedside table in rustic teak or dark walnut finish perhaps? Let go of that little-used study table in your bedroom. Put in a cozy pastel seater instead. Use white or lighter shade bedding and sunny-colored pillows. This will add light and brightness to your sleeping space.

Breathe in redolent greenery

Enliven your bed chamber with beautiful, fragrant blooms and leafy plants. Stage a pretty bud vase on your nightstand or right on the window or on both. Plant colorful bunches of tulips, poinsettias, geraniums, or daffodils with soothing sprigs of hyacinth and eucalyptus.

Go organic

Store away the heavy woolen rugs for winters. Welcome Spring into your bedroom with rugs made of jute, hemp, sisal, seagrass, or other such all-natural fibers. Braided or woven, fiber rugs in solid colors, stripes, block prints, and animal spots are just right for the season.

Bring in breeze and sunshine

Add charm and sunshine to your bedroom with white or light-colored curtains. Spring breeze blowing through embroidered, lacy, net, and colorful floral curtains looks straight out of scenes from romantic movies. A bedroom with solid pastel curtains is equally mood-setting.

Just do these little changes and your bedroom will transform into that perfect springtime resting space for you.